Canada is one of the developed countries which has a stable economy, remarkable education system, and advance technology. Its economy is positioned at 10th in largest GDP by nominal. Also, the best side of this country which is adored by every immigrant is the way it supports various cultures and protecting interests of immigrants. Also, it is counted in the list of the most peaceful nation of the world.

Currently, when travel is restricted due to pandemic, Canada is still welcoming immigrants with the same enthusiasm. Even the CRS scores are reduced to a very low score that increases the chance of getting Canada PR. So how should you plan your Canada PR in 2020? Let’s discuss the same.

How to prepare yourself for Canada PR?

The preparation tips discussed below will be beneficial for a candidate applying for Canada PR comprising Family Class Programs, Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), and Express Entry.

  • Choose the right program after checking the eligibility requirements

There are many immigration programs for Canada PR and can be categorized into three major heads- Economic, Family class, refugee & humanitarian. It is essential to understand the qualifying criteria of the program you have chosen as some programs have grading to the application in points. In contrast, some follow first come, first served rule. There are some programs, in which the applicant required sponsorship, and others do not require such a thing. Therefore, the prime question arises, if you have checked all the requirements of the program. In case your application is fine for multiple immigration programs, then which will be the best option? You have to take this initial step carefully, as this will decide the complete pathway of Canada immigration

  • Consult an expert to clarify doubts

The first step to choose the right program can be brain-storming, and a single mistake can lead to application rejection. So it is important to take the best suitable action to complete the process yourself.

If you are feeling confused, or want in-depth details, then you should consult experts like Yash Global Consultants. They are professional immigration consultants and can handle the complete process without any mistake. Their role is to complete the process on your behalf and speed up the process as much as possible.

  • Always prepare all the documents before the application submission

It is a handy tip and can save a lot of time. Before submitting the application, make the complete checklist of documents and try to collect all of them. There are chances when IRCC may ask or certain additional documents, so submitting them immediately can reduce the chances of delay.

So it is not important if the document is asked or not, collect them all to save time. Also, there are some documents which may take time like police certificate or medical test. So try to apply for them as soon as possible to get these documents on time i.e. shortly after application submission.

  • Be updated with all guidelines of the application

Checking out the instructions is vital for fulfilling the requirement flawlessly. There are cases when the application is just rejected due to incomplete application, additional requirements not met on time, or instructions are not followed. So keep checking your inbox for other requirements and read the guidelines and document checklist to avoid such mistake.

  • Provide accurate information

Accuracy of the entered information is crucial. It is not just about the input of the application form. Still, some basic questions askes on IRCC website to check the eligibility and suggest you the requirements according to your situation depending upon the location, purpose, etc. If you enter the information wrong, then your situation can be misinterpreted, and you won’t be able to check out the exact checklist which needs to be followed for application submission.

Also, if it found that the mentioned information in the Express Entry profile or throughout the process is false, then it can lead to serious criminal consequences. You may be banned in Canada immigration process for a period depending on the situation.

Even after getting the PR, if the authorities got to know the false information, then your status can be revoked and may be banned to enter in Canada.

  • Don’t forget the expiry dates

Many documents come with an expiry date and need to be renewed periodically. It would be best if you mark a reminder on the calendar so that you can renew it on time. There are many documents which may be needed for Canada PR application, and hence look for the expiry dates of the following:

  • Passport
  • Bank statements
  • Language test results
  • Invitation To apply
  • Work or study permit
  • Police background checks
  • Medical assessment


  • Do remember to avoid time gaps

Authorities may consider every detail of your travel with a reason, even if it’s for a vacation. So it will be better to provide a description of all the journeys with the explanation. Time gaps in your documents may raise some question and further delaying your application process. Also, these gaps can be a hindrance for your immigration to Canada. So prepare the timeline of the past ten years, and then you can email the details according to the timeline. For this, you can check out the stamps on your passports to mention the exact date.

  • Inform about all the changes in the circumstances

This is the most common mistake that one makes at the time of the Canada PR application. Any simple change that can affect application procedure like address, contact number, marital status, the family member who is accompanying, should be informed as soon as possible. For this purpose, you can use the IRCC online web form.

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