Many people have a dream to settle or work in a developed country like Canada. It is a beautiful country with a robust economy and stable infrastructure. It offers various job opportunities to its citizens and skilled workers in different sectors. The Canadian government also organizes many social security benefits programs for immigrants and their citizens. These are some prime factors attracting many immigrants to settle and work in this North American nation.

313,580 immigrants were recorded in 2019 in this country. To stay in a foreign country requires a valid visa according to the purpose of the stay. The good news is that the immigration rules of Canada are not as rigorous as other developed countries. Even in this pandemic, Canada is welcoming immigrants and offering some relaxations on documents due to COVID related delays.

Under Federal Skilled Worker Programs, the candidates can attain Canadian PR without a job offer. However, having a job before making the application improves the chances of getting a visa and smooth life while staying in Canada. Let’s discuss a few ways through which you can increase your chances of getting a job in Canada.

  • Build your CV in Canadian style

Effective CV can help to get the desired job as it conveys all the skills and experience you have and prove you a suitable candidate. In Canada, employers look for the background and CV presentation in a specific format. So build your CV in that format to make it more impressive and increase the chances of hiring. Otherwise, the employer won’t be able to see your hidden potential and consider you as his employee.

  • Build a professional network for more presence

If you don’t know many people in Canada and live in a different country, searching for a job can only be possible through online mode. So, it is essential to build your online presence and connect with some professionals in the same sector for this purpose. Many social networking websites provide the utility to communicate with common connections and recruiters. This way, you can chat and learn with other people. This step can help you to make a strong impression on recruiters and get good referrals.

  • Take the step forward for job application.

This step is crucial as you need to customize every single job application according to the requirements. Randomly sending the job application to all the vacancies can’t be fruitful for you as the recruiter will be able to get the hint that you are aiming the shot in the dark. A tailored application requires research on the organization and job position. This will help show the organization’s interest in the job position and the potential to handle job responsibilities and, therefore, results in a positive response from the recruiter.

  • Hunt at the right place for your career

Knowledge and experience can help you to grab a good job at a reputed organization with a lucrative package. But it is essential to know where you can get that job. Also, you need to understand why jobs in that sector are usually available in that Canadian region. For example, an IT candidate should search for the place with a majority of IT organizations as it will be the best place. You need to check the pay scale and employment rates for locals and international employees. This will help you to filter your job search and make a more targeted job application.

  • Get validation from reputed organizations.

Some professions need professional accreditations like teaching, nursing, law, etc. To work in Canada, you need to convert your certifications to equivalent Canadian accreditation by getting the required training. If you get this done before moving to Canada, there is a high chance that the employer will consider your seriousness and revert in a positive response.

  • Improve your language proficiency

Canada is a francophone country, and you need to have a good command on English or French to communicate with people. For visa approval, you may need to submit language proficiency test scores in either English or French. So prepare yourself for these tests to score an acceptable grade.

  • Get ready for the interview.

As technology is making advancement every day, recruiters can interview international candidates personally through telephone or video calls. Getting a call for an interview indicates that the employer is willing to test your potential. Moreover, you will be able to showcase your skill directly to the employer and discuss the goals and visions related to the job profile. To perform well in such interviews, you need to be mentally prepared.

You may require to practice the art of public speaking and research on the history of the organization. This will help you make a list of questions related to your job responsibility and turn the interview into an exciting conversation. And don’t forget to be confident throughout the meeting.

Although the immigration process sounds complicated, this can be quickly done if you have the required skills. For complete visa formalities, you can take the help of professionals like Yash Global Consultants. They can help with a complete visa application without any delay.