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Poland is a country that is part of the European Union. Receiving temporary residence in Poland allows you to travel freely throughout the EU Schengen countries, and the same goes for relocating to any Schengen country without any permits. Safe to say, the acquisition of a residence permit in Poland will allow you and your family the ability to move across the EU without any restrictions.

Not only that, it will also give you the opportunity to live, create a business and buy property in Poland and in the EU.


It is important for you to note here that you do not have the authority to apply for a work permit on your own. This is because it is to be applied for by your potential employer. Hence, it is safe to say that you do not have any control as such over your application, and must make sure that your employer does so in the right manner. The information below is only meant to provide awareness to you.

A local voivode issues work permits at large. The permit is issued only for the period of time required for the applicant to undertake the work. The time period is mentioned in the work permit of the declaration of the employer. However, the duration for which the work permit is granted cannot be longer than a year.

It is not possible for a work permit issued for seasonal work to extend over 6 months in a time period of 12-months, starting from the very first day of arrival.


  1. Type A – this type of work permit is issued to foreigner who serve Polish employers who have a registered office, branch, place of residence, facility or any other form of business within the country.
  2. Type B – after the acquisition of this work permit, a foreigner is allowed to stay in Poland for anywhere between 6 to 12 months. It is granted to employees functioning within the management board of a legal person who has established own business.
  3. Type C – a foreigner is employed by a non-Polish employer, but has been delegated for over 30 days to a facility or branch being operated within Poland.
  4. Type D – a foreigner serving a non-Polish employer is duly performing his duties in the country to execute a particular service which is casual and/or temporary in nature. For example, the foreigner can be facilitating export services.
  5. Type E – a foreigner serving a non-Polish employer is delegated to Poland for a period of more than 3 months within the next 6 months for purposes other than those that have been mentioned previously.


A lot of people consider business immigration to Poland as a chance to take a root here and become a rightful country Resident besides achieving their commercial goals. A company formation in Poland gives you the opportunity to seek accommodation in the country’s territory, firstly on the basis of National Visa “D” type (business, work). Next, after your company validates its business activity by profit, employees hiring etc. you may apply for TRP (Temporary Residence Permit).

Temporary Residence Permit allows foreigners to cross Polish borders with no limits. Moreover, you will be able to stay in other Schengen Area countries for up to 90 days during each 6 months, which is an obvious advantage. It should be noted that the Polish National Visa is given only to members of a Board of Directors, but not to shareholders. It is given based on the Work Permit of two different types – preferential and governor’s.


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