Even though Donald Trump, US President, has spoken publicly about abolishing the DACA policy, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is still accepting applications after Supreme Court rejected the president’s appeal for ending the program. It isn’t accepting any new applications but only renewal applications.Juan Carlos Gómez, director, Carlos A Costa Immigration and Human Rights Clinic, Florida International University, said you need to apply for the renewal as soon as possible. He said that the government has become completely unreliable. People should apply to renew their status unless and until the court is still in the case. If Trump wins his case in the Supreme Court, more than 700,000 Dreamers will have to leave the US or will be detained, both of which isn’t pleasant. Gómez has been practicing law for the past 27 years, but it is the first time he has seen an increase in anxiety in Dreamers. His office is currently working with 60 undocumented immigrants to help them get US permanent residency.Gómez doesn’t want undocumented immigrants to act desperate and marry a legal American citizen to become one themselves. He doesn’t want people to panic or fears the laws. You might not become a legal citizen because of a marriage fraud issue. He advised people not to be self-destructive and don’t allow anyone to guide you because you were stupid. Parents of these Dreamers need to stay level-headed and not feel overwhelmed.

Get advice from multiple attorneys

Gómez told people not to throw their money away but get advice for several lawyers. Don’t listen to a lawyer who tells you to give him some amount money for getting the work done. And more than anything else, individuals need to understand the uncertainty is a part of life. Don’t fall prey to people who just want your money. Run, move places, and keep applying for renewals, and one day, things will work out your way.