Canada is a popular destination among international students due to the presence of high-ranking universities and colleges. According to the statistics, Canada has bagged the fourth position in terms of international students’ enrollment volume in 2019. The factors which created the hype and made this country a dream destination for most students are:

  • Affordable cost of living
  • Various universities ranking among top global universities
  • Beautiful landscape and friendly visa policies
  • Many support programs for international students

What is Canada Fall?

Fall refers to the Autumn season as all the leaves fall from the parent tree. In Canada, it is a beautiful period as the temperature is moderately cold and one can see beautiful landscapes. Usually, this period starts in September, and people traveling to Canada can save some bucks as a few things are subsidized. It is a crucial period for students because of the new academic session’s commencement during this period. The majority of Canadian universities enroll students in Fall(starting from September) and Winter(starting from January). The deadline for admission applications is generally between January and April for fall admissions. The processing of the admission application can take a few weeks. So this period is called Canada Fall and is a crucial time for international students as they have to complete the admission process and visa application process before starting their batch.

Impact of COVID on Canada fall 2020

Due to the pandemic, a complete lockdown was imposed to maintain social distance and prevent widespread COVID-19. The present situation is somewhat better than earlier, but many countries are struggling hard to make their nation COVID-FREE. Canada has also taken some steps for international students. All the Canadian universities plan to start their fall classes via online mode, and some colleges are still in the process to pipeline their actions for the upcoming fall.

Learn from home without compromise on PGWP

Usually, online course or distance learning from home does count under the requirements for a PGWP application. But due to Coronavirus-related restrictions, Canada’s immigration authorities are allowing international students to study through online mode in their home country and still qualifying eligibility criteria for a work permit after graduation

According to recent updates on Canada fall 2020, students can complete 50 percent of the course while staying outside Canada. It will make them eligible to get PGWP so that they can work in Canada after completing their course. Also, this duration will not be reduced from the PGWP duration for spending time outside the host country while studying. Moreover, PGWP is popular among international students as it enables them to get a Canadian work permit valid for three years after the completion of studies. This work experience can help them to widen up the career horizons and later on eases up the process of Canada PR. It concludes that the international students in new batches can start their studies through online mode in the upcoming fall and still will be considered as eligible to get a PGWP with complete 3 years.

Update on Canada Study Visa application process for fall 2020

Many developed countries have shut their doors for international students, but Canada is still open to welcome international students with a few relaxations. The authorities are accepting even the incomplete applications for Canada student visa only if the supporting documents are delayed due to COVID. But yes, a written explanation for the incompletion is required. New guidelines have been framed for eligibility to enroll in Canadian Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) in accordance with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Also, every student must undergo a quarantine period for 14 days as a preventive measure after arrival in Canada.

Make your dream to study in Canada become reality

So, for being a part of Canadian university in this fall 2020, you need to meet all the admission requirements and then, if possible, travel to Canada with a valid Canada study visa. If not possible, then you can complete 50% of the course in your home country without any changing term duration for PGWP. For this need to know the entire admission as well as the immigration process. So start planning your journey to study in Canada today. If you still have doubts, take help from Yash Global Consultants as they are professional in immigration solutions. They know all the immigration updates to avoid any reject or delay in Canada immigration.