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How Can I Study in Canada Without a Study Permit?

Everyone knows that for international students, Canada is the most preferable country to study and if someone wants to study in Canada, he must have a Canadian Study Visa. But, Today I want to share with you the good news that one can study in Canada even without a study permit. There are some conditions that people have to follow. In this blog, we will understand how one can study in Canada without a study permit and will discuss the multiple ways to study in Canada without a study permit and will ensure that you get all the knowledge you need.

In today’s world, Everyone wants to enhance their skill set, so therefore they can achieve the higher goals to lead a successful life. Whether you are a professional worker or someone who wants a shorter education experience, you can choose a short-term course that does not need a study visa. One can do this course to enhance his skills even without a study permit. 

Importance of Short Courses in Canada

If you are opting a course for six months or less, you do not need a Study Visa. Canada provides various short courses, so It can be a great opportunity for workers because they can continue their course while working as well as they can enhance their abilities to get better Jobs in the future. Also, you can collect the certificates from those courses and you can enjoy the education experience in Canada

How To Study Short-Term Courses In Canada?

In this paragraph, we will discuss how one can study in Canada even without a study permit. You can continue your course in Canada if you have a temporary visa (Visitor Visa) or ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). But Firstly you should check your eligibility for the course in which you are interested. 

Merits of Short-Term Courses in Canada

There are a lot of benefits if you enroll for short-term courses. I am mentioning some of them here:

1. Firstly, Canada offers various types of short-term courses that help students upgrade their skills and

2. Secondly, one does need to follow the whole process of a Study Visa. He can easily choose the course
    according to his interests.
3. Moreover, you do not need to pay a huge amount of money. You can learn  new skills by paying reasonable
4. Apart from this, one can enhance their skills while working. It means you can learn and earn together.
5. Furthermore, when people complete their course and get a certificate, they can apply for higher jobs to
    explore new fields.

If someone wants to continue his studies or get a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree, he must apply for a study permit.

Minor Children to Study in Canada

Minor children can study in the preschool, primary or secondary level without a study permit. But there is one condition which must be followed. This rule is implemented for the children of temporary workers and students, as well as Canadian residents and citizens. 
Unfortunately, Those people who are on Temporary Visas in Canada cannot pursue their pupil’s education in Canada without a Study Visa. 

To sum up, it is clear that there are different ways to study in Canada even without a study permit, but one should take care of the requirements which must be fulfilled. The main factor is the course must be for six months or less. These possibilities help people to learn new skills and enhance their chances for a brighter future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely one can continue his studies in Canada even without a study permit. But there are some exceptions which must be followed by people. 

One needs a Temporary Visa to study short-term courses in Canada if they don’t have a valid study permit.

The short-term course that one wants to opt for must be for six months or less. If the duration of the course is more than 6 months, he needs a Study Visa to continue the course.

The major benefit is that you can continue your course while earning. You do not need to leave your job. Moreover, you can enhance their abilities and explore new opportunities. 

If you are living in Canada temporarily you can apply for short-term courses in Canada. In this way, you can enjoy the Canadian Education System and Culture.

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