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How do you work in Canada without a work visa?

In the modern era, people want to go abroad and want to explore new opportunities to lead a successful life. No doubt, Canada is the first preference for most people. That’s why Canada brings a new opportunity for people to work in Canada even without a work permit. However, there are some conditions for working in Canada without a work visa.

Every year many people go to Canada. But in some conditions, people can work there without a work permit. You must have a Temporary Resident Visa to enter Canada temporarily. Moving forward, I Yash Miglani, The CEO of Yash Global Consultants will share some conditions in which you can work in Canada without a work visa. 

Business Visitors

Business Visitors come to Canada for international business activities, without directly entering the Canadian labour market. These visitors live in Canada to attend meetings or events. 

To be eligible as a business visitor to Canada, you must show that:

* Your stay in Canada is less than 6 months
* Your business location, source of income & profits are outside Canada
* Required Documents which support your application
* You will not enter into the Canadian labour market

If you want to live in Canada for more than 6 months or want to work in Canada, you may be considered a temporary worker and have to apply for work permit.

On-Campus Employment

An International student can work on campus by completing some conditions:

* You must have a valid  study visa
* You must be registered full-time time an eligible institution
* A college-level private institution in Quebec
* A confer degree authorized Canadian private institution

News & Media Crew

News reporters and their crews who come to Canada to report on events in the country may do so without a work permit. Also, these can include journalists, but the company should not be Canadian for they are working. There are some restrictions for them as well like if a media crew come to Canada for travelogues, documentaries and so on. They must have a valid work permit. However, such decisions remain at the discretion of the Canadian Visa Officer reviewing their application. 

Health Care Students

International Students who are registered at a Canadian University and are studying in one of the fields such as Medicine, Occupational and physical, Nursing and Medical Technology can work in clinical clerkship without a work visa. But remember these jobs will be unpaid and should be for only four months. 


In this paragraph, I will discuss the exception for the crew members. If you are a crew member and working on a means of transportation that is foreign-owned and is not enrolled in Canada, you do not need a work visa. Crew members may work in maintenance, operations or passenger service capacity. Therefore, before arriving in Canada it is important to verify that a  work visa exemption will be available.

In Conclusion, To work in Canada, a work permit is the general way. But Now in some conditions, it is possible to work in Canada without a work visa. These exceptions are for some specific categories.
Business Visitors who come to Canada to attend their meetings and conferences regarding their business work. On-campus employment is available for those students who have valid study permits. Apart from this, Media professionals come here for news reporting and students of the Health Care Department work in short clinical clerkships. Also, crew members can work without a work permit if they are part of an international aircraft which is not registered in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Sure in some specific conditions people can work in Canada without getting a work visa.

Yes, Definitely they need a temporary Resident visa to enter Canada.

People can stay there for less or more than 6 months.

Absolutely, A student can work in Canada even without a work visa either with On-Campus Employment or Off-Campus Employment.

In some scenarios, people can work in Canada without a work permit such as Business Visitors, News and media Crew, Health Care Students, On-Campus Employment, Crew and so on.

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